Kids love Handwriting Heroes

Using humor makes things fun – even learning! And when things are fun they are more memorable. That’s why our letter stories are packed with wordplay, slapstick, and playful pranks. Not only does it make for a good laugh, but it also keeps kids engaged and boosts retention. Even older students appreciate the comical stories, and will often add their own twist. When learning about the letter r, a “bouncer” that drops down, then bounces back up and onto the rabbit’s head, one student joked that the bouncer should rather bounce onto the rabbit’s rear!

Research-Driven, Teacher-Approved

  • Teaches letters in groups based on the similarity of strokes
  • Teaches lowercase print first to maintain consistency with the symbol forms used for reading, writing, and spelling
  • Uses multi-sensory teaching to appeal to all learning styles
  • Promotes good posture, proper pencil grasp, and paper position
  • Uses a continuous stroke that retraces the line instead of lifting the pencil

Wolf B. Teaching handwriting. In: Birsch J, editor. Multisensory teaching of basic language skills: Theory and Practice, Revised Edition. Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing Co; 2011.

“Handwriting Heroes is a total game-changer in my classroom. My students LOVE it– they beg me to watch the videos and the rhymes truly stick with them. Thanks!”

“The way the program groups the letters together by similar stroke motions simplifies the muscle memory of how to produce letters while the songs imbed that simplicity in your brain with their fun, catchy tunes.”

“This program is fantastic! When children are singing the songs at recess, and choosing to write their letters at free time, you know you’ve found a winner. This bundle has all the versatility to adapt to any teacher or parent’s needs. Highly recommended.”

THE BEST handwriting program I have found! A very comprehensive program that implements all learning styles for the most effective retention. It’s fun, engaging, and memorable. The character association, catchphrases, app games, and songs solidify the information for my kids, and keeps them excited to learn more! INCREDIBLE program! Thank you so much!!”

Learn to write in just 5 weeks!

On day one, the first group of letters, namely l, t, k, i, and j (aka the Skydivers), are taught in a 30-minute, step-by-step, fun-filled lesson. These letters are practiced each day of the week for 5-10 minutes. The following week the next group, the Bouncers are taught; followed by the Cannon Pops, Skiers, and finally the Surfers. And, before you know it, the students can write all 26 letters! The lightning-speed at which they learn to write is mind-boggling; but rest assured, Handwriting Heroes has been tried-and-tested for over a decade with children of all abilities, and it works!


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