About AppyTherapy

I’m Cheryl Bregman, a pediatric occupational therapist, author, and app developer. Over the past two decades, I have focused on working with students with dysgraphia (handwriting difficulties). I love creating innovative ways to help these students. At AppyTherapy, you will find apps, printables, and videos for teaching handwriting and writing skills.


OT services are provided at our Rockville clinic and at private schools. Cheryl uses innovative, evidence-based treatment methods and works closely with families and teachers to ensure that each child develops the skills they need to succeed.


Handwriting Heroes is a multisensory handwriting program that teaches lowercase letter formation through animation, music, and stories. Kids are able to learn to handwrite at lightning speed using our iPad app, videos, and workbooks.


Abilipad is an iPad app that provides advanced word prediction and text-to-speech. Using the keyboard editor one can easily create keyboards, with any configuration, to meet each learner’s specific needs and educational goals.

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