Month: March 2017

Making a Case for Lowercase

The question of whether to teach children uppercase or lowercase letters first is often debated. Proponents of upper case contend that: Uppercase is developmentally more appropriate because the letters are easier to form. Uppercase letters are easier to recognize. The transition from upper case to lower case is easy. Are uppercase letters easier to form? …

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Pencil Grip Tips

As an occupational therapist, I have seen children hold pencils many ways. Sometimes this is okay, and sometimes it isn’t. While many teachers do not have the time to address pencil grip during their busy days, the way a child holds a pencil directly affects his or her ability to develop legible handwriting. Here are …

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Investigating Poor Handwriting

“I can’t read this!” How many times have you seen this written on a child’s homework assignment?  When a child has bad handwriting, it is often assumed that he is lazy, not putting forth his best effort or just not sufficiently motivated to write neatly. It is especially confusing when the child’s performance is inconsistent, …

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