I have found some great ways to use Ablipad to support the use of Unique Learning System.

We trialed this app with people between the ages of 4 and 55. We have used it in classroom settings, in therapy sessions and for homework. We have seen success with this app with people who have diagnoses of stroke, dyslexia, autism, learning disability, language delay, speech delay and reluctant writers. We have also used the app with typical middle and high schoolers. This app can be used for all ages and abilities.

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Abilipad – still the Write tool for the iPad : Abilipad is now VoiceOver compatible. This means not only that it has become more accessible for people with a vision impairment but it also means that it is now accessible through a VoiceOver compatible switch interface such as the Tecla Shield or the Switch2Scan.

Literacy – ACC – Assistive Technology

Bottom line: Versatile, customizable, shareable – if you’re looking for an app that provides support for reading and writing for a learning disabled or special needs child, this app is a must-buy.

Reviewer for Smart Apps For Kids

Abilipad also has a way for users to share keyboards and notepads. This is extremely powerful. You can have customized writing grids, keyboards and notepads at your fingertips. The limit of options is limited only by your imagination.

Assistive Technology Specialist

The best iPad apps for special needs kids.

As a homeschooling mom, this app has become invaluable for helping me with curriculum design and implementation… it can be used for speech development because it makes use of expressive and receptive language patterning. Additionally, the app is useful for teaching communication and life skills such as making requests or relaying messages. With a little imagination educators will find many more creative uses for this “app.”

Its flexibility means it will appeal to a variety of users, from homeschoolers to special educators, to general education teachers. Teachers can use this to create simple writing prompts, or to create activities with more scaffolding through attaching photos, voice or entire sentences to a single keyboard button.

Speech - Language Pathologist

Abilipad can support IEP goals relating to written expression, such as note taking and story writing. It can be used as a way to adapt curricular content giving students a way to participate in the general education activities more independently.

Special Education Teacher

This is a great tool for special needs and is currently a one of a kind and worth the cost for its unique visual and adaptive supports.

Occupational Therapist

Easily one of my Top 10 Apps of 2012 so far. This app is so versatile, I can’t stop using it! ( See Video Review)

Apps for Children with Special Needs

Beautiful functional design with multiple uses for regular and special education teachers, lower case keyboard mirrors early reading and math skills and helps students connect reading, writing and speaking. Can be programmed to match specific content and skills and used for literacy instruction as well as for augmentative communication. Excellent resource for home and school use.

Principal, The Shire School for children with autism spectrum disorders

My son wrote his first end-of-year teacher “thank you” letter. Abilipad has given him WINGS in 5th grade! I can’t thank you enough!

Anne Yates, Parent

I credit Abilipad for jump starting Rylee’s writing with the iPad which was a huge deal. We used it not only for writing without standards but also for predictable chart writing to recreate sentences from word banks. We loved it!”