Abilipad is a customizable notepad and keyboard app for the iPad, with advanced word prediction and text-to-speech options that enable students to become confident, successful writers. It has been widely adopted in schools throughout the country as their primary writing tool for elementary-aged students and for struggling writers. Here’s why:



Make keyboards to suit your exact needs. Change the color, size, and number of keys. Keys can contain sounds, images and any combination of letters, words, or sentences. Or you can download more than 100 ready-made Abilipad keyboards from the Abilipad Keyboard  Library!

speech output


Text to speech helps users to easily identify spelling and grammatical errors as soon as they hear the word or sentence read out loud. The rate of speech is adjustable and words are highlighted when spoken. Set your preferences to hear letters, words, or sentences read aloud. Over 25 languages are included.

adaptive notepads


Format your pages with different colors and fonts, including the OpenDyslexic font. Include multiple pages. Add your own photos or use the Pixabay library of over 500,000 free images. Share files privately via email or Dropbox.

word prediction


Really smart software predicts words as you type, makes next-word predictions based on context cues, and corrects phonetic spelling mistakes (e.g., fone for phone). Word prediction is available in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Featured Abilipad Keyboards


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