Practical OT Activities for Home – Part 3

Occupational therapists often work with children to remediate visual motor skills. These are foundational skills that integrate visual perception and motor coordination. When these skills are effectively working together, children can participate in daily activities such as cutting, coloring, writing, tying shoelaces, catching, or kicking effectively. Visual perception is the ability to perceive, differentiate, and …

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Saving the ABC’s for Generation Z

To become proficient writers, students need to know how to handwrite. Although technology is becoming more accessible in higher grades, students in lower grades still depend on pencil-and-paper for written communication. To handwrite, they need to know how to make their letters, and where the letters go on the writing line. Once handwriting is mastered, …

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Happy National Handwriting Day!

Dear Teachers, Today, January 23rd is National Handwriting Day. It seems like a great occasion for a celebration (and cake), but quite frankly, handwriting has gotten a pretty bad rap! Its previous status as a central pillar of literacy has been tarnished, and it is now considered irrelevant, and hard to teach! There have been plenty of …

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Making a Case for Lowercase

The question of whether to teach children uppercase or lowercase letters first is often debated. Proponents of upper case contend that: Uppercase is developmentally more appropriate because the letters are easier to form. Uppercase letters are easier to recognize. The transition from upper case to lower case is easy. Are uppercase letters easier to form? …

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