Pencil Grip Tips

As an occupational therapist, I have seen children hold pencils many ways. Sometimes this is okay, and sometimes it isn’t. While many teachers do not have the time to address pencil grip during their busy days, the way a child holds a pencil directly affects his or her ability to develop legible handwriting. Here are …

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Investigating Poor Handwriting

“I can’t read this!” How many times have you seen this written on a child’s homework assignment?  When a child has bad handwriting, it is often assumed that he is lazy, not putting forth his best effort or just not sufficiently motivated to write neatly. It is especially confusing when the child’s performance is inconsistent, …

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What’s in a Logo?

One of my goals for the Abilipad app was to find a new, original logo. I chose the old logo from an image library, hoping to convey three ideas: (1) the app is a specialized keyboard as demonstrated by the small square “keyboard keys”, (2) that one could customize it as demonstrated by the different …

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Handwriting Heroes App Launch at KID Museum

My new app, “Handwriting Heroes” handwriting app, is finally complete! It is set to be released on Sunday, May 1st with a launch event at KID Museum. From 10:00 – 11:30am, there will be an Educator Session, where experts will discuss best practices for using apps in the classroom.  Free for professional educators; all are welcome. RSVP required. Celebrations will continue with an App Fair from 12:00 – …

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