Occupational Therapy

Therapy focuses on helping students develop motor-based skills for increased success with self-care, recreational and academic tasks. In addition to using proven techniques, new strategies and teaching modalities are constantly being tested in order to find what works best for each child. Two of our programs, Abilipad and Handwriting Heroes, were initially developed for specific students but are now widely used by other clinicians and teachers.



At the first visit, I will assess your child’s strengths and needs using standardized assessments and clinical observations. While the focus of my assessment is on functional writing skills (handwriting, keyboarding and assistive technology use), it is important to identify the presence of underlying issues. Therefore, I also evaluate your child’s gross and fine motor skills, visual perception, and motor coordination in order to design a comprehensive treatment plan.



My goal is to find the most effective way for your child to demonstrate their knowledge – be it through handwriting, keyboarding or the use of assistive technology. In addition to my handwriting and assistive technology focus, some of my favorite things are to help students ride their bikes, tie their shoelaces and learn ball skills! Most importantly though, all activities are carefully graded to ensure that your child succeeds. This leads to feelings of competence which, in turn, enables them to confront more challenging activities.



Screenings are provided to assist schools with the early identification of students who require further assessment and/ or treatment.  Collaborating with teachers and school staff enables easier implementation of accommodations, and carry-over of skills into the classroom setting.  Services are provided to schools in the Rockville, Kensington, Garret Park, Potomac, Gaithersburg, and Silver Spring areas.



Workshops are offered to parents and professionals on a range of topics including identifying children with occupational therapy needs, integrating effective handwriting practices in the classroom and implementing assistive technology solutions. Presentations are interactive and provide hands-on, practical strategies.

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