Cheryl Bregman is a uniquely talented and creative occupational therapist. Her deep insight, diverse and extensive educational background into handwriting and occupational therapy as well as her dedication and enthusiasm make her stand out among her peers. I have had the pleasure of working with her in my former position as Director of Speech-Language Pathology at The Lab School of Washington, as well as in my current role within a well-established private practice serving students with learning differences. The combination of her formal education in both Occupational Therapy and Assistive Technology provide her with a talent and knowledge base that is deeply admired and serves her students incredibly well. She is an exceptional professional whose contribution to the field is highly respected.

Lindy Rosen Nelson


My 5 year old son attended weekly sessions with Cheryl Bregman for handwriting improvement. Cheryl provided a warm, welcoming, and structured environment where Jack’s handwriting confidence and skills improved greatly. The session was a good balance of sitting and moving – with both fine and gross motor activities aimed at growing his confidence and ability, while having fun. Jack looked forward to the sessions and would run into the room for his lesson. A further benefit was Jack’s greater confidence in verbal expression. I cannot recommend Cheryl Bregman highly enough. She has deep experience and skill, is passionate about her students, is present and constantly innovating to find what works best to build a bridge of learning to that particular child, and is kind, loving, patient and firm. We are lucky to have her in Maryland.

Jack’s mom

Potomac, MD

Cheryl’s occupational therapy services were excellent from beginning to end. At the first appointment, she diagnosed my son with low muscle tone and explained how this accounted for his handwriting difficulties. Over the ensuing course of treatment, Cheryl engaged him with a variety of techniques, resulting in notable progress with handwriting. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Dr. Carole G

Silver Spring, MD

During the year I worked with Cheryl Bregman, I was impressed by her keen attention to detail and insight coupled with the broad knowledge base she used to set in motion her comprehensive treatment for each diverse student. Cheryl assessed situations quickly and accurately which enabled her to generously offer training, mentoring, and personal materials to our staff. A quote from one of Cheryl’s students expresses her deep appreciation for Ms. Bregman, “I feel more confident because Ms. Cheryl taught me to use technology that helped me overcome my anxiety.

Cate MacGillivray

OTRL, The Katherine Thomas School

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