Lowercase Activity Cards


These visually engaging Handwriting Heroes Activity Cards allow children to explore all the lowercase letters with various materials, learn fantastical letter stories, and identify the letter sounds. The activity cards can be organized by their first stroke or arranged to spell out the child’s name or other meaningful words. Kids especially love making the letters using various tactile materials:

  • form play dough letters and go over them with various tools and stamps
  • shape Wikistiks or pipe cleaners and run beads through the “letter path”
  • place buttons, coins, or cheerios on top of the letter
  • trace the letter with a dry-erase marker and then erase it with a Q-tip
  • rainbow write the letter with dry-erase crayons or dot-a-dot markers


  • a full-page poster illustrating all five letter groups
  • a user guide
  • lyrics for the five group songs
  • 26 full-page lowercase letters
  • 5 letter “backdrops” for making the letters without a model


**Laminate or place the activity cards in a dry-erase pocket for endless, carefree practice.**


Format: PDF digital download.


Total Number of Pages: 44

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