Handwriting Heroes Font



Create worksheets and materials using the Handwriting Heroes Font to model correct letter formation and line placement. Free for personal or commercial use.

The Handwriting Heroes Font uses a continuous stroke that minimizes the need to lift the pencil and reduces reversals.

The following six fonts are included:

  • Handwriting Heroes
  • Handwriting Heroes Bold
  • Handwriting Heroes Lines
  • Handwriting Heroes Lines Bold
  • Handwriting Heroes Clouds
  • Handwriting Heroes Clouds Bold

Handwriting Heroes uses three-lines with tangible descriptors to provide a logical, child-friendly guide for correct letter placement:

  • the top line is called the “skyline”
  • the dotted-middle is the “clouds” and
  • the bottom line is the “grass”.

Letters b, f, h, k, l, and t are very “tall” so they start at the skyline. ALL other letters start at the clouds. Descending letters (g, j, p, q, and y) go into the “dirt”.

To install the fonts: Download the file > double click on the font file > Install.

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