Handwriting Heroes Bundle for Pre-K



Start a child’s writing journey through playful exploration of the letters. Finger trace letters with character puppets, rainbow write with crayons, markers and pencils and use pin punching to follow the letter path – all while building fine motor strength and visual motor accuracy.

All the following materials are included:

Pre-K Printing
Inspire a love of letters through playful, multisensory activities. Pre-K Printing uses finger tracing, rainbow writing, and pin punching to jump-start letter exploration.

Lowercase Wall Cards
26 colorful, full-page lowercase letter letters to display in your classroom for easy reference.

Lowercase Activity Cards
Laminate the Activity Cards for endless exploration: spell out the words; form play dough letters; shape Wikistiks; place buttons, coins, or cheerios on top of the letter; trace the letter with a dry-erase marker, or make rainbow letters.

Handwriting Heroes Font
Create worksheets and materials using the Handwriting Heroes Font to model correct letter formation and line placement. Free for personal or commercial use, the Handwriting Heroes Font uses a continuous stroke that minimizes the need to lift the pencil and reduces reversals.

Choose from 3 different crown designs to congratulate your handwriting heroes for a job well done! Kids love wearing their crowns once they have mastered a letter group, or when they have demonstrated their best effort.

Finger Puppets
This resource contains five adorable finger puppets to be used when finger tracing the Handwriting Heroes letters. Using large arm movements when air-writing or finger tracing involves multiple sensory receptors that facilitate kinesthetic learning.

Number Cards
Large, colorful number images can be used in a multitude of ways, such as wall cards, playdoh mats, for tracing and making rainbow letters.

Format: PDF digital download

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