Handwriting Heroes Bundle for 2nd Graders



The Handwriting Heroes 2nd-grade bundle provides a thorough, yet expedited, review of all the lowercase, uppercase, and number formations.

The following materials are included:

Ready, Set, Alphabet!

Ready, Set, Alphabet provides a quick summary for older students (second grade and up) to review their lowercase, uppercase, and number formations.

Alphabet Writing Speed

Once students have completed the lowercase letter groups, an excellent way to keep them motivated and to increase fluency is to chart their alphabet writing speed. This resource includes 9 graphs (one blank and 8 with descending time increments), as well as suggested speed guidelines for kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Alphabet Wall Cards

The 26 colorful, full-page wall cards include large upper and lowercase letters with numbered-directional arrows and an alliterative sentence that emphasizes the letter sounds and describes the cartoon image.

Desk Strips and Name Plates

Choose from 3 different designs of desk strips and 2 variations of nameplates that can be placed on your student’s desk for easy reference.

Editable Name Plates

Create up to 30 name plates in minutes! Just type your students’ names, and the name plates are automatically generated. Name plates are a great way to model correct name writing. The names are printed on the Handwriting Heroes® unique “sky-clouds-grass-dirt” writing line. This resource includes two variations: lowercase letters only, and upper and lowercase letters.

Handwriting Heroes Font

Create worksheets and materials using the Handwriting Heroes Font to model correct letter formation and line placement. Free for personal or commercial use, the Handwriting Heroes Font uses a continuous stroke that minimizes the need to lift the pencil and reduces reversals.

Three-Lined Handwriting Paper and Bonus “Line Picker” Assessment

Lined paper provides students with key information on where to start and end their letters. As students develop a more refined pencil grasp, their letters get smaller in size. Use the “Line Picker” Assessment Tool to quickly assess which line width is right for each student.

Editable Writing Paper

Create worksheets in a flash! Make spelling lists, handwriting practice worksheets, sentence starters, editing activities, writing prompts, word banks, fill-in the blanks, name writing practice, etc., etc., etc. … all while modeling correct writing form with the embedded Handwriting Heroes font. This resource contains two separate documents, and over 50 paper variations, in portrait and landscape orientation.

Editable Three-Lined Graphic Organizers

Have you ever noticed that your students’ handwriting deteriorates when using un-lined graphic organizers? This resource will keep them organized and legible! These printables are also customizable. Simply adapt the PDF to your teaching needs by typing in the highlighted fields before printing. There are 16 pages which can be tailored to create a multitude of graphic organizers.

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