Uppercase Handwriting Workbook


The Uppercase Workbook teaches uppercase letters in relation to their lowercase counterparts.

Double Trouble: Cc Oo Ss Vv Ws Xx Zxz

These uppercase letters have identical formations to their lowercase counterparts. Starting with these letters boosts the students’ confidence when they discover that they already know 7 upper case letters, without any effort at all.

Super Similar:  Bb Ff Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Pp Tt Uu Yy

The differences between these upper and lower case letters are quite subtle. With the exception of “Ff”, they share the same starting stroke. Encourage students to assess the similarities and differences between these letters so that they become more aware of line placement and the specific motor patterns used to form the letters.

Dangerously Different: Aa Dd Ee Gg Mm Nn Qq Rr

These uppercase letters bear little to no resemblance to their lowercase mates. Therefore, it is recommended that the student spend additional time practicing these letters.

There are two practice pages for each alphabet letter that includes a large model of the letters with directional arrows for finger tracing, and areas for writing the individual letters, words starting with those letters, and a fun alliterative sentence which relates to the cartoon image.

Format: PDF digital download.


Total Number of Pages: 60

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