Three-Lined Handwriting Paper & Bonus "Line Picker"


The Handwriting Heroes Three-Lined Handwriting Paper and Bonus “Line Picker” packet includes three-lined writing paper in three widths, in portrait and landscape, and in three design layouts; as well as a bonus “Line Picker” Assessment Tool.

Lined paper provides students with key information on where to start and end their letters. As students develop a more refined pencil grasp, their letters get smaller in size.

It is important to match the students’ letter size to the width of the line. Writing lines that are too wide cause students to “draw” their letters in order to fit the lines. This results in slower, less automatic letter formation. The “Line Picker” Assessment Tool allows one to quickly assess which line width is right for each student.

This packet contains our unique sky-clouds-grass (SCG) writing paper and three-lined writing paper in three widths (small, medium and large), in portrait and landscape, in five design layouts:

– name line, drawing frame and with writing lines below

– a full page of writing lines

– two columns of lines

– three columns of lines

– four blocks with lines (cut or fold along the dotted line)


Format: PDF digital download

Total Number of Pages: 45

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