Print Practice


Instill confidence in young writers by providing daily practice. Print practice first emphasizes refinement of letter formation to improve motor memory and fluency. Thereafter, it focuses on decreasing letter size as students develop better pencil control, adding appropriate spacing between words, and increasing handwriting speed.

Print Practice is divided into 38 lessons, with clusters of CVC and Dolch words. Students should complete 1 to 2 pages each day, Monday through Friday.

SECTION I emphasizes correct letter formation and starting points.

SECTION II focuses on decreasing the size of letters as students develop better pencil control, the correct spacing between words, and improving handwriting speed. Students copy phrases that gradually increase from two to four-words using the strategy of “measuring” the required space between words by “linking three clouds” and later by guesstimating the appropriate spacing.

Format: PDF digital download.

Total Number of Pages: 104

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