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1st Grade Bundle
Font and lines

The Handwriting Heroes First Grade Bundle provides review and practice opportunities to boost your student’s handwriting skills.

All the following materials are included:

Lowercase Letters Workbook
The Workbook includes a full-page poster illustrating all five-letter groups, a guide for proper positioning, a teacher’s guide, lyrics for the five group songs, 26 individual lowercase letter worksheets, five summary worksheets, one review worksheet, action word summary sheet, and a certificate of completion!

Print Practice 
Brief practice every day is what the research says matters for children to get to a level automaticity. Print Practice provides systematic instruction and guided practice, in multiple formats, that will move your students toward efficient, legible handwriting.

Uppercase Letters Workbook
The Uppercase Workbook teaches uppercase letters in relation to their lowercase counterparts. There are two practice pages for each alphabet letter that includes a large model of the letters with directional arrows for finger tracing, and areas for writing the individual letters, words starting with those letters, and a fun alliterative sentence which relates to the cartoon image.

Lowercase Wall Cards
26 colorful, full-page lowercase letter letters to display in your classroom for easy reference.

Alphabet Wall Cards
The 26 colorful, full-page wall cards include large upper and lowercase letters with numbered-directional arrows and an alliterative sentence that emphasizes the letter sounds and describes the cartoon image.

Lowercase Activity Cards
Laminate the Activity Cards for endless exploration: spell out the words; form play dough letters; shape Wikistiks; place buttons, coins, or cheerios on top of the letter; trace the letter with a dry-erase marker, or make rainbow letters.

Handwriting Heroes Font
Create worksheets and materials using the Handwriting Heroes Font to model correct letter formation and line placement. Free for personal or commercial use, the Handwriting Heroes Font uses a continuous stroke that minimizes the need to lift the pencil and reduces reversals.

Paper and Bonus “Line Picker” Assessment
Lined paper provides students with key information on where to start and end their letters. As students develop a more refined pencil grasp, their letters get smaller in size. Use the “Line Picker” Assessment Tool to quickly assess which line width is right for each student.

Alphabet Writing Speed
Once students have completed the lowercase letter groups, an excellent way to keep them motivated and to increase fluency is to chart their alphabet writing speed. This resource includes 9 graphs (one blank and 8 with descending time increments), as well as suggested speed guidelines for kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Lowercase Letter Cards
Practice handwriting skills while playing word building games. This resource includes 32 double-sided letter cards, 4-word grids, 4 large letter boxes, and 5 activity ideas

Learn how to form numbers 0 to 9 with number rhyme stories that group the numbers into three groups based on their formation.

Number Cards
Large, colorful number images can be used in a multitude of ways, such as wall cards, playdoh mats, for tracing and making rainbow letters.

Desk Strips and Name Plates
Choose from 3 different designs of desk strips and 2 variations of nameplates that can be placed on your student’s desk for easy reference.

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